Slotomania Free Coins Cheat

One of the best thing about Slotomania is free gifts daily. ​If you receive a message saying A gift from this friend was “already collected” today, please take a moment to read about how the gifting system currently works:

  • You can send one gift per day to each friend (24 hour period)
  • You can collect one gift per day from each friend (24 hour period)
  • There are no limits to how many wall post shares you can collect (for manual collection)

If a player sends you one gift in one day and you don’t collect, when that same player sends it again the next day, you will only be able to collect one gift.

It’s important to check your gift box on a daily basis, in order not to miss them. This is why you might see one gift from that friend, but not be able to collect it.

he difference between shares and gifting free coins:

When you play and are quite lucky, the game allows you to share the luck with your Facebook friends. A pop-up will appear, asking you whether it is okay to publish a message that shares the luck. Some gifts are published on your wall, while others are sent directly to the friends of your choice. The gifts on your wall can be collected by friends that go to that wall and click on the message.

Alternately, you can press ‘SEND GIFTS’ in the lobby. Tip: You may only send one gift per friend per day.

In the same manner, your friends can send gifts to you or you can collect gifts they’ve left if you look at their Facebook wall. If any friends have sent you specifically gifts, you can collect them in the casino lobby, by clicking on ‘COLLECT GIFTS‘.