Pokemon Hack Coins

With the new gym mechanics, the maximum number of coins you can get for free each day is 50. While this is a step down from the old maximum of 100, it is now much easier to battle in gyms. Since the gym revamp, I’ve been able to maintain a semi-stable income of coins, averaging out to about 30 coins a day. Here’s what you need to do.

Figure out what kind of Pokémon Go community exists in your area and proceed according to the following community types:

  • Large, dense, active, and high leveled. Your strategy here should be to fight in multiple gyms daily, starting in the morning and leaving behind strong defenders. Blissey is an exception. Only leave Blissey if you are confident that there are people willing to spend the time and potions to take it down. Your goal should be to leave defenders to be kicked off during the day so you take in a handful of coins for each defender.
  • Large and spread out, but less active, possibly lower leveled. Fight at night. Leave behind decent, but not extraordinary defenders. Do this for a couple of gyms as insurance. With any luck, one of your defenders will survive overnight and be kicked off the next day.
  • Small. Find a friend. Literally, this is your only option. Your friend should be a different team from you. Cooperate so that one of you puts up a defender in the morning, and eight hours later the other person knocks it down. Rinse and repeat.

Note that you can also mix strategies if some gyms in your area are more hotly contested than others.

If you think of gyms as commodities, some basic knowledge of economics can take you far.