Habbo Games With Free Coins

Unlike many other online communities with an in-universe currency, in Habbo (formerly Habbo Hotel), coins are quite scarce — the only way to get them is by paying real-world money or by receiving them from other players. This means that, within the world of Habbo, they’re highly valuable. Amassing coins can be tricky if you’re not spending real money (especially since unscrupulous users may try try to cheat you out of them), but with the right strategy, plenty of patience, and a healthy dose of common sense, it’s possible to make a Habbo fortune without spending a dime.
  1. Complete participating offers and surveys.
  2. Play games for coins.
  3. Host games.
  4. Sell and trade furni.
  5. Play grabbers.
  6. Get an in-game job.
  7. Participate in a promotion.