Four Tips for Keeping Conveyors in Great Shape

Conveyors have had a significant impact on numerous industries, from food and manufacturing to transportation. While they’re an integral part of many factories, they are also often overlooked in terms of maintenance. Here are four tips to ensure your conveyor system will provide you with reliable service for many years.

  1. Put a Preventive Maintenance Program in Place

A good maintenance program has three main benefits – extends the life of conveyors, identifies problem areas before they impact operations, and provides training for operators. Design your preventive maintenance program around the manufacturer’s recommended time frame. It’s also a good idea to invest in a reliable asset management software to help keep track of everything.

  1. Keep Spare Parts On-Hand

One secret to ensuring your conveyor system is working is to have spare parts readily available. It’s a good idea to have items like bearings, belts, and motors on hand. These are the parts commonly needed, and having easy access to them will help reduce downtime. Most suppliers have kits carrying spare parts for specific models, so make sure to ask about them.

  1. Know the Warning Signs

Another way to keep your conveyor operating smoothly is to know the warning signs that parts are about to break down. Here’s what you should regularly check:

  •   Bearings: Any unusual sounds or excessive heat coming from bearings are worth looking into as it could signify the part is being worn down.
  •   Conveyor Belt or Chain: Check for any fraying, damage, or debris build-up. Slack on the belt could mean slippage or an improperly aligned pulley.
  •   Gear Motors: Noise or too much heat coming from either the gearbox or motor are warning signs of possible driver issues.
  1. Always Keep Safety in Mind

All conveyor operators should continuously abide by safety practices and protocols. To ensure that the system is 100% safe, you should only use parts from the manufacturer. You can be sure that each component is integrated correctly, and it will help maintain the warranty.

Conveyors can make or break a business. Make sure your conveyor system will run efficiently for years by following these essential tips.