Fifa Ultimate Team Free Coins Xbox 360

All the players in the FIFA Ultimate team game are split into three categories. There are Bronze players rated 0-64, Silver players rated 65-74 and Gold players rated 75 to 99. These generally reflect their ability in real life and the price reflects their popularity within the game. You can create a team mixing any of them but some competitions offline and online might have to meet certain requirements, more on that later.

Each category is further broken down into Normal, Rare and In Form. Look at the following image which shows one of each for bronze, silver and gold. Normal is a standard card, rare means it is just that and more valuable. Every week in real life some players are outstanding. Ultimate team on FIFA recognises this and creates new versions of the players with increased better stats. These are called In Form players and become available to buy and are inside packs during each week. Sometimes in different positions to their original card depending where they played for their team that week. EA announce when the team of the week players are available and we let people know on twitter. Easily recognisable as they have black backgrounds and shiny too. Bronze, silver and gold at the top so you can tell which they represent. If you have a normal version of a card that does not change to the in form version. It means there will be the normal versions of the card available in the game and also the In Form version.