Entreprise du Bâtiment – Renovate your home

You want to renovate your house. Our Deco Smart – Entreprise du Bâtiment experts tell you everything about mistakes to avoid during renovation!

Renovating a house is a matter of specialists! From the start to finish, each step requires to know perfectly the technical constraints. The choice of materials, such as the order of renovations to be carried out will be two decisive points in the success of your renovation project.

1. Neglecting the administrative procedures

Do not go into the work without consulting the planning and construction rules in force in your municipality. They can restrict the height of a building or prohibit the wood on the facade. Creating a new opening on your roof requires you to respect mandatory distances with your neighborhood. It also requires a prior declaration of work in the Town Hall.

2. Not knowing in what order to conduct interventions

The most frequently encountered error is that of not planning specific order for your different jobs. When should insulation be done? Should the electrical installation be up to standard before installing the wall covering? Do we have to change the radiators at the same time as the boiler?

For a project to run with confidence, be accompanied by a specialist during each key phase of a home renovation project!

3. Renovate your home without a schedule of interventions

In order to prevent different trades from intervening at the same time, and getting in the way during their interventions, it is essential to coordinate the schedules. During the construction, some positions may be delayed. It will then be necessary to adjust the schedules with the craftsmen. This phase of realization of schedule then that of follow-up of construction site can be assured on your behalf by a professional.

4. A global wallet for your renovation

Finely estimate your budget is essential to avoid any unpleasant surprises. Each craftsman will prepare a quote detailing the hours of work, the purchase of materials, etc. With a global envelope, you take the risk of having to deal with unplanned bills … or worse to suspend work if you run out of cash.

Good to know: in the context of your financing of works, there are financial aids, in particular as regards insulation and energy renovation.

5. Renovate without isolating … it’s energy that flies away!

Do you think that the redistribution of the coins is enough to give a facelift to your old house? Do not neglect the insulation.

Have the insulation level of your walls and roof evaluated. This will allow you to know the urgent work to be carried out in thermal insulation. Ultimately, your home will offer you better comfort while reducing your heating bills. The renovation of a house is also an opportunity to question the windows of your windows and the quality of your current heating system.