Avoiding Damage When Moving Washers And Dryers

When moving, washers and dryers are one of the equipment you should take care of because of its susceptibility to easy damage. With moving companies charlotte nc, this won’t be a problem.


Make Sure You Turn The Unit Off


Before trying to transport the unit, always make sure to turn the unit off. In line with this, also take note of the gas supply behind the gas valve. Turn off the breakers as well. To avoid gas leaks and unwanted accidents, opt to hire a professional instead. Professionals will know the proper and appropriate way of turning off gas supplies.


You should also remove the water supply properly. Behind the washer and dryer is a pipe that connects the water supply. Make sure you know how it should be done to avoid leaks. Water leaks may be a cause of accidents, especially if you haven’t removed the electric line yet.


The wire connecting the washer and dryer to the wall might have screws that secure it in place, so make sure that you take note of how these should be removed, as well as monitoring how the gas line or vent line should be dealt with and removed.


Thoroughly Clean The Unit


Before moving the unit, make sure it’s free from dirt by washing and drying it. Cleaning the washer and dryer will give you a more comfortable moving experience. To clean the washer and dryer, use a damp cloth with soap and wipe. After wiping, make sure to let the unit dry out to avoid an accumulation of dirt and mold formation.


Keep The Drum In Place


All units automatically have screws or different ways to secure the drum in place. If not, ask the technician provided by the company if there are other ways of obtaining the drum.


Your Movers Should Not Handle The Unit Entirely


As much as you want to fully exhaust your movers’ services, moving the unit is not part of their job. Here are things you should not ask of your mover:


  • Disconnect and reconnect utilities before and after the move.
  • Repair utilities and equipment.
  • Install utilities, equipment, and appliances.
  • Perform any service that is outside of their expertise and knowledge.


If you wish to have specific services done, call the company instead and talk about how to address the issue.


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